Wabash Aegis Foundation (WAF) endeavors to provide today’s youth with the resources and training they need to become the intelligent and influential leaders of tomorrow.


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Founder's Membership - $19.92/month

Legacy Membership - $50/month


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Each year, the Wabash Aegis Foundation selects one young man to receive the WAF Scholarship.


WAF is able to provide this opportunity thanks to the donations and support of Alumni, Students, and the College.


Wabash College has provided me with many opportunities to be a leader on campus and Wabash Aegis Foundation has opened my eyes to how to capitalize on those opportunities using my own strengths. It was a great experience.


Wabash Aegis Foundation came to my fraternity house to help us with our leadership development. I was amazed at how much I learned about others and myself. Even though I see my brothers everyday, Wabash Aegis Foundation really made us think and share far more…taking us out of our comfort zone. Sharing past experiences and future goals was very important to our potential success moving forward. Which see that now, as we have a very specific action plan and goals, as before, we only had what seemed an blurry vision.


Wabash Aegis Foundation helped us learn how to better communicate with each other, using positive conflict resolution. Also, they were very instrumental, using their strength finding techniques, to help us place the right people in the right positions. We are looking forward to work with them in the future as new leaders join our house.


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